Marxism 2018

Marxism Opening Rally 2017

Marxism 2018: A four day festival of socialist ideas, 5-8 July 2018

Marxism 2018 is a political festival of debate, discussion and culture.
Last year’s event hosted over 130 meetings and brought together thousands of activists, trade unionists, students, writers and academics.
You can see videos of some of the debates that took place here

Activists debated how we can build on the support for Corbyn's socialist policies, and how we can launch a fightback against racism, austerity and war.

The 2017 Marxism Festival event kicked off with activists from Justice for Grenfell, Momentum and striking cleaners addressing our opening rally (video here). 

Other highlights included Moazzam Begg, ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee, addressing the closing rally on the fight against Islamophobia (video here). 

Marxism Festival takes place every year in central London and involves debate, spoken word, cultural events and more.

The dates for Marxism 2018 are 5 to 8 July.

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