Marxism 2017

Marxism Opening Rally 2016

Marxism 2017: A four day political festival


Where next after the election?

The election result was an absolute disaster for Theresa May and the Tories, and a triumph for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. Against the odds, and despite the media onslaught Corbyn massively increased Labour’s vote share and number of seats.

The result shows that Britain is not a right wing country, and that left wing and socialist ideas are popular!

The support for Corbyn is part of a broader pattern of polarisation taking place across the globe that has thrown up resistance and left wing alternatives as well as far right politics and bigots like Donald Trump.  

Marxism Festival is a four day political festival hosted by the SWP. It will bring together thousands of people at over 130 different meetings.  There will be space for discussion about how we can mobilise not only in support of Corbyn but to bring about fundamental change and make racism, war, inequality and climate chaos things of the past.  

In the evenings there will be plenty to keep you entertained including music, film, spoken word, plays and much more.

Come and be part of the discussion.


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